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Learn to Use Your Home Security System Part 2


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We wanted to continue our discussion today with some more tips on how to best use your home security system. Many people purchase and install their system but don’t get to know everything it can actually do. Yesterday we covered arming, disarming and how to call or help on a disarmed system. Today we are going to cover how to set up a silent alarm and how to arm individual sensors in a home. Both tips have ause in the right situation, so take note.

We also want you to learn how to use the home automation features in your security system. Most home security systems have these kinds of features and they can really save you money down the road. This means you can access your home from afar and arm/disarm the alarm. You can also turn lights off or lower a thermostat. Some security systems, like Vivint, have their own app for a smart phone. There are other apps out there that mesh completely with security systems on the market. These allow you to save money down the road on your electricity bill. Doing it is really simple, and very self explanatory. You just need to install the proper home security system app on your phone or tablet and you should be good to go in the home automation department.

The last thing we want you to cover should be taken into consideration if you have purchased a DIY security system. You are are installing a security system yourself, please take some time researching where you should put your sensors. Most home burglaries occur through doors, so we obviously recommend getting door sensors for every door in your home. While you can’t have the motion detectors on while you are home, you can certainly activate your door sensors. It’s a great way to protect your home and your family from outside intruders. You just need to remember that in order to make your home security system the most effective as possible, you should put sensors on every door.

Hopefully this answers a few questions you have about how to use your home security system. These tips should help to make your home safer ad your life easier down the road.

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