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Lane County Law Enforcement Rely on Home Security Awareness Program to Curb Property Crimes


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Natural Features Can Help or Hinder Home SecurityThe U.S. criminal justice system is not very effective when it comes to keeping the bad guys off the streets and reducing the number of property crimes. This is the conclusion drawn by Lane County law enforcement representatives who have recently decided to take this matter into their own hands by launching a home security awareness program for county residents.

They firmly believe that simple, yet efficient measures of precaution can go a long way and that as well as , proper home security training is the key to success. The goal of the awareness program is to empower Lane County residents to protect their belongings, their properties and their loved ones against burglary attempts.

Crime prevention generally starts in the communities and the neighborhoods. […]We want to make it more difficult for (thieves) to get to whatever they’re trying to get,”  explained Sergeant Steve French.

The main goal is to educate Lane County residents, by offering them unlimited access to safety advice and valuable information on crime prevention strategies. This can help them live a comfortable life without constantly looking over their shoulders. The home security awareness program developed by Lane County officials is a cost-efficient solution which has what it takes to curb property crimes in the county.

Homeowners will receive a series of useful tips, allowing them to understand how their lighting system, , vegetation and property entrance points can easily become solid barriers against perpetrators.

Officials from the Springfield Police Department and the Eugene City Police Department have also embraced this amazing opportunity to reduce the number of property crimes. They have recruited and trained volunteers who are giving residents precise instructions for deterring potential burglars from targeting their properties at some point.

Gunderson advises people to invest in high-quality, without actually recommending a particular brand. Individuals from Lane County who want to profit from this enlightening initiative can call 541-682-4296 to schedule a complete security home inspection and receive guidance from well-trained volunteers.Don Gunderson is one of the volunteers who will perform home security inspections in Lane County. He will show homeowners how to identify and address the potential drawbacks of their existing security solution.

What we’re hoping is that (residents) will take the steps to educate themselves […] and hopefully pass that information to their neighbors,” concluded French.

The volunteers involved in the home security awareness program are expected to teach Lane County residents some valuable lessons and help them address a wide range of security risks in the most effective manner.

Simple precautionary measures, like keeping all doors and window locked 24/7, installing deadbolts, buying and implementing a smart , purchasing and utilizing a burglary-resistant safe and trimming the bushes placed in the proximity of all entrance points, can improve security at home and bring peace of mind to homeowners.

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