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Is “free” from a security system company a good thing?


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When you see the word “free,” 2 things come to mind. The first is very positive. Something along the lines of, “Yes, I’m getting such a deal!” The other is negative and skeptical, “This is just too good to be true.”

So when buying a security system, does the word “free” actually mean free? The answer is probably no. A security system company often uses this as a gimmick in order to get you to seriously consider their home security system.

If a security system company is going to install a security system in your home for free or give you the equipment for free, it’s because their true motivation is in the contract you sign. Most security system companies make their money off of multi-year contracts with their customers for support.

Before buying a security system, make sure you know what you’re looking for. A free security system might not offer you what you want. A larger up front cost might make you happier down the road. Many of the free security systems on the market are actually older models. It’s not that they’re bad, per say, there is just better equipment out there. And if you sign a 3 year contract, by the time you’re contract is up, your security system will be extra old.

The best way to get something for free is to find a security system that pays for itself. So how do you do that? Well check to see if your security system has home automation capabilities. Home automation will allow you to turn off lights, lower thermostats or turn off appliances all from afar. This can easily save you money on an electric bill at the end of each month. Do it a couple of times and viola! You’ve already paid for the cost of the security system. The other way to have the system pay for itself is to call the security system company to find out which security systems are approved by your home insurance company. Approved security systems will get discount from homeowners insurance companies.

In the conventional sense, “free” is not always better. But be sure to call your security system company to find out how you can get product that pays for itself.

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