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iOS Home Security App Breathes New Life Into Old iPhones, iPads


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While the sales of are on the rise, there are still a great many homeowners whose budget would be stretched too far by the cost of installation, equipment rental, and monthly monitoring fees. However, they now have a new option when it comes to setting up a monitoring system in their homes, especially if they have older Apple devices such as iPhones and iPads. A brand-new iOS home security app, which is called Presence, now gives homeowners the ability to turn their older devices into home security devices, allowing them to protect their homes without the exorbitant fees.

The new device will not only allow homeowners to save a great deal of money on a home monitoring system, but it will also give them the opportunity to recycle their old iOS devices in a positive and useful manner. The creator of the app, , says that there are a number advantages to this app.

In the last 12 months, there have been like 50 million iPhones that have been replaced and a lot of people keep that old phone and iPad because … what do you do with these things? If you sell them, who knows if your private information will be compromised,” said Wang, the CEO of People Power. “So what we’re doing is breathing new life into these old devices.”

In many ways, the Presence app works just like any other security camera. Homeowners can download the app on their existing phone and then also on their old iOS device. When they set up the older device near an entry door or other entrance they want to monitor, they can do so in real time with the smartphone or tablet they currently carry with them. Because of the small size of most devices, this makes home surveillance easier than ever, and it doesn’t cost a cent. Even the app is free, and there is no limit imposed on how long the user can monitor the area. It also supports both video and audio streaming, so that anyone with the monitoring device can communicate with someone at the home. The app also comes with a motion detector and alerts users if anyone trips it, sending them a short video clip of the person’s movements.The only downside is that the app only works with the iPad 2nd generation and with most newer iOS devices, so homeowners with older devices will not be able to take advantage.

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