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Intelligent Smoke Alarm Sends You a Text to Let You Know if Your House is on Fire


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As modern technology evolves at a very fast pace, manufacturers do everything it takes to surprise potential buyers with highly intelligent appliances, designed to meet and even exceed their highest expectations.

Talking Smoke Alarm - Home Security System News

At this point in time, clients have the chance to check out various types of , displaying different features and different price tags and ensuring superior fire prevention and intrusion protection around the clock.

However, average smoke alarms introduced on the market up until this point have one major disadvantage: sometimes, they are triggered by the simplest actions one could ever perform around the house, like burning toast, for instance. In order to stop the awful noise, homeowners are forced to wave a kitchen towel or a cloth in front of their troublesome sensors for a few minutes.

Nest Lab has the perfect solution to this annoying problem. The company is getting ready to launch its super intelligent Nest Protect smoke alarm created to give a spoken warning when the alarm detects an actual threat. Owners will be able to silence the spoken warning with just a wave of their hand. The innovative device can be connected to smartphones to enable users to act fast and limit their losses in case of an emergency, even when they’re at work or away on vacation.

The best part is that the device sends its owners a text when it requires new batteries. This is a major improvement expected to significantly reduce the number of home fires and help individuals feel protected and comfortable in their homes at all times. It’s no secret that numerous people who have a smoke alarm system forget to replace old batteries, exposing themselves to considerable safety risks. Thanks to the innovative Nest Protect, this common issue will soon become a thing of the past.

It has Wi-Fi built into it. It has another wireless technology, 802.15.4, so even if your router goes down, [your Nest Protect sensors are] all talking amongst each other. And there’s a backup battery in case the power goes out. It’s not just about smart individual products. Its thoughtful communication – not crazy stuff but simple things,”  explained Tony Fadell, Nest’s founder.

The sophisticated, ingenious smoke alarm will become available in November. Displaying a reasonable price tag of £109 ($173,71 dollars), it’s likely to be received with enthusiasm by people who acknowledge the fact that their safety depends on  hi-tech designed to be effective when it comes to preventing home fires and keeping even the most determined burglars at a respectable distance.

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