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Importance Of Security System Monitoring


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When it comes to a home security system there are many things at work that help your system function to its fullest potential. Whether it’s the Control Panel, security system equipment, or your security system monitoring device there you have a number of things working together to get the desired result: Protection. One of the most important aspects of a home security system is the monitoring. Security system monitoring is extremely important. Why, you say? Let’s take a look at a few reasons why security system monitoring is a must.

First off, let’s explain that a security system can be monitored or non-monitored. The former is the most widely used and popular. A monitored security system is one that is being “watched” by a Central Station. A non-monitored system is one you basically “watch” yourself. Security System Reviews strictly recommends a monitored security system.

Perhaps the most compelling argument for security system monitoring is knowing you always have someone “on guard” if your security system is triggered. With a monitored security system a Central Station is alerted when your security system goes off. In the instance of a burglary the station will call you first to try to verify the alarm, basically a way to try to curb false alarms. If you do not answer the call the Central Station will send police immediately; police are also sent if you answer and say you would like police to come. In the case you do trigger the system on your own, you can simply answer the call, provide a “password” for identity verification, and tell the station that all is well without having the police show up.

Security system monitoring is equally – if not more – important when it comes to a fire. If you have monitored smoke/heat detectors as part of your wireless security system and you have a fire in your home these sensors will trigger and alert the monitoring station. In this instance the monitoring station dispatched the fire department automatically without calling first. A fire can spread quickly, so immediate response is often necessary. On the other hand, it’s probably best not to place your smoke detector anywhere near your kitchen!

Now, let’s look at the two above scenarios from above, and say that you are NOT home when either a burglary or fire occurs. The odds you will know something is going on are small, while some non-monitored systems do have “apps” or will “call” you if it goes off, you still have to think about the times when you might not have cell service, might be asleep or away from the phone. While your alarm may be going off at home, no one will know about it – thus defeating the purpose of having a security system at all.

In conclusion, security system monitoring is one of the most important aspects of owning a home security system. Without monitoring your security system is like a guard dog with no teeth. Or..someething like that. Either way, getting a security system without monitoring is not recommended, and paying the small monthly fee is totally worth it should an emergency occur. It’s always best to be proactive rather than reactive.

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