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How to prepare your home for a security system


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There are a few steps that you need to take in order to properly prepare your home for the security system which you have just purchased. We want to go over those steps in order for you to have the smoothest set up process possible. There are a lot of great DIY security system opportunities out there now. We generally recommend these systems for your everyday home owner. Security systems are not hard to install and should only take you 30-60 minutes, depending on the size of your home.

Most of the work has probably already been done for you in determining how many sensors you will need. You will have figured that out on the phone when you made the initial purchase. Be sure to have blocked off 30-60 minutes to get the home security system in properly. It’s definitely better to put the whole thing in at once. There will be less opportunity to lose sensors or trip an alarm on accident if the project is completed in one sitting. Most security system companies are only a phone call away to answer whatever questions you have. The next big thing that you’ll need to do is mark off where you want want the sensors to go. Just take a pen and mark off where you’re thinking of putting the sensors. We recommend putting the control panel at the front door, or at whichever door you typically enter your home through. Mark that off with a pen as well.

We recommend marking off where everything will go before hand simply because it will save you time. It is certainly not required. But, having a map that has already been laid out for you might help smooth the process.

If you’ve got pets, make sure to let them out or keep them in a separate room while you attach the sensors to the walls. The last thing you want happening is a curious puppy chowing down on your freshly purchased security system.

If you’re nervous, bring a friend. A extra set of hands never hurt! But they wouldn’t make the DIY systems if people couldn’t actually install them themselves, so don’t be nervous. We said it before, but we’ll reiterate it one last time- just call the security system company if you’ve got any questions. They will be more than happy to assist you with everything.

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