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How to Deal with a False Alarm


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False alarms happen to everyone. They can be confusing and intimidating, but we recommend reading up on a few tips here in case it happens to you. Every security system is capable of a false alarm. Generally it is user error, but occasionally it can be a mechanical error. Call your security system company just to make sure.

The first thing you are going to want to do is to stay calm when there is a problem. If you have a false alarm because you entered the wrong 4-didget pin or maybe you just forgot to turn off the alarm when you walked in the house- you need to make sure that you stay relaxed. Just because the alarms are glaring does not mean you need to panic.

After you’ve taken a deep breath, you need to go over to your control panel and calmly turn the alarm off. Because it’s beeping, it obviously doesn’t know that it is a false alarm. But you really can’t do anything else until you turn off the false alarm on the control panel.

After you’ve turned off the false alarm, you security system company will most likely call your home to ask if there is a problem and if they should call the police. If there is no problem, tell them. They will most likely ask you for your verbal password, and once you give it to them you both can be on your merry way.

If you do not know why the false alarm was tripped, after you’ve gotten off the phone with the security system company, we recommend calling them back and asking for the department that deals with equipment. They might be able to do a light diagnostic test to let you know if there is a faulty wire somewhere.

Overall, the key to getting through a false alarm is to stay calm while turning off the alarm. With loud noises, a dog barking or a baby crying it is easy to get flustered. Just remember to take a deep breath.

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