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How Security Systems Have Changed In The Tech Era


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Security systems are electronic devices, much like many other things in the world today. A security system is tasked with protecting your home and family from a possible intrusion or fire emergency. While a security system’s use may be much different than that of a mobile device or computer there have been significant improvements to home security systems over the last decade or so. Here are some of the ways security systems have changed for the better:

Introduction Of Cellular Security System Monitoring

Cellular security system monitoring is becoming the method of choice for homeowners and security companies across the country. As everything moves to “mobile” or cellular it’s much easier to rely on a wireless connection than that of a wire. Remember, a phone line outside of your home can be cut by an intruder breaking in to your home. cellular security system monitoring allows for a safe and wire-free connection to the monitoring station. It’s also ideal for accessing your security system and changing its settings remotely – or while you are away from the home – using your smartphone or computer.

Universal Use Of Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems have been in the game for some time, however, it took a while for many of the major security companies to adopt. Were they simple stuck in their ways? Or were they simply waiting to see how homeowners reacted? Wireless security systems changed the game, opening doors for easy installation and more affordable equipment. Most importantly, you don’t need to use your home phone line or run any wires whatsoever.

Do It Yourself SecuritySystem Installations

Ah, one of our favorite topics, the do it yourself security system. DIY security systems are another way security systems have been improved. Now homeowners don’t have to wait around all day for an “installer” or technician, they can simply install the system on their own in a matter of minutes – usually under an hour. DIY security systems can also be taken with you to a new home if you move, making it even more attractive for a renter looking to secure their residence.

The improvement to security systems listed above has completely changed the way security systems work and function, as well as the way security companies and homeowners operate. To read more about the security companies and systems that have utilized these improvements read our security system reviews. You can also learn more by reading our security system blog.

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