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How Home Security Systems Save Lives


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Many often think it’s a cliche when someone says “But you could save a life!” when talking about leaving too much food on their plate or giving to charity. In the case of home security systems saving a life is no cliche. Home security systems are one of the first lines of defense we have against possible intrusion in our homes, fires, or medical emergencies. Whether it’s a wireless security system, hard wired, works on a phone line or a cellular connection, it really doesn’t matter. The simple fact is security systems save lives. How you might ask? Let’s take a look.

First, think about sleeping in your bed at night, nice and cozy. You don’t have a care in the world as you count sheep or dream about your next weekend getaway. Then you’re awakened by a sound, you’re not sure what the sound isso you go back to bed. Little did you know that sound was an intruder breaking in to your home. Now, the intruder may only be after your nice DVD player or the $40 you left on the table for groceries the next day, but there is always a chance of something worse happening. Now, if you had a home security system the siren would have sounded, the police would have been notified and hopefully the intruder would run away scared. You would have a nice adrenaline rush, but nothing worse.

As far as intrusions go there have been many times where you hear recorded calls of people talking to police dispatchers or the monitoring station when there is an intrusion. You can hear the fear in their voices, but also the relief when they know help is on the way. Without a home security system you would be left to fend for yourself.

When it comes to fire or medical emergencies a home security system is just as important. Whether you are home or not a fire can cause significantdamage and quickly claim a life if you’re not careful. Having a monitored home security system with fire alarms or medical panic buttons can have help on the way quickly, hopefully saving your home and family from a fire or medical problem.

In the end a security system is simply a box and some sensors, but it’s what goes on behind the scenes that really makes the difference. If you take the time to find a quality security system and security system company you can rest assured you’ll be safe when and if something happens.

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