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Houston Residents Exposed to Security System Equipment Scams


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Millions of security-conscious people living in different parts of the U.S. are looking forward to investing in cutting-edge, affordable, effective home security systems, designedto protect them against all sorts of safety threats. Unfortunately, their willingness to install a smart security solution inside their homes can sometimes get them into a lot of trouble, as skilled perpetrators pretending to be representatives of security system companies do whatever it takes to scam as many homeowners as possible.

Houston County residents are targeted by a group of scammers who strive to make as many victims as possible and get their hands on a large amount of money. The villains rely on a simple tactic: theymake phone calls, let the property owners know that abnormally high crime rates are putting their safety and welfare on the line and promise to install a residential security system for free. Basically, homeowners are lured into a trap and tricked into divulging their credit card information.

“It prompts them to make selections during the call then it gets down to the end and asks for credit card information. We are advising everyone to not give out banking information or credit card information over the phone,”
stated Lieutenant Brian Hooper.

Perpetrators rely on effective scare tactics and try to gain the trust of their potential victims by mentioning a partnership between their company and the FBI. According to law enforcement representatives, until now, the group has managed to take no less than $100,000 out of the pockets of a Houston County resident. Tempted by the idea of benefitting from an absolutely free home security system, numerous people are likely to fall into this trap and put their financial health at risk. Instead of pinching pennies and conducting extensive bargain hunts, homeowners should pay the right price for residential security system equipment ensuring the highest level of protection for their assets and their loved ones, 24/7.

Truth be told, hundreds of perpetrators pretend to be door-to-door salesmen presenting and offering once-in-a-lifetime deals. The Better Business Bureau recorded 1,000 such cases in 2012 alone. A report issued by the Federal Trade Commission highlights five of the most common lies told by so-called sales agents, enabling you to recognize a scammer in record time. Most of them will tell you that the security system is absolutely free or that this amazing deal is time-sensitive.

You could also hear that they were sent by your current provider of security system equipment and the fact that they bring you only premium products and installations. One other tactic is to scare people into accepting their offer by letting them know that their neighborhood has been recently impacted by a new rash of burglaries. These 5 lies told by professional scammers make millions of people lose a considerable amount of money in the blink of an eye. To avoid such unpleasant experiences, start by asking the so-called sales agents to identify themselves. Don’t let them inside the house, and read the contract more than once before signing it.

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