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Homeowners Relying on Home Automation Systems Manage to Deter Perpetrators More Effectively than the Rest


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 Automated Home Security System Effectively Deters PerpetratorsHave you ever thought about what could happen inside your home, in your absence? Let’s start with the most common worst case scenarios: your house could be vandalized by a gang of burglars, your pet could start a home fire or one of your old, defective pipes could burst and cause a major indoor flood.

Normally, a smart security system would help you attain peace of mind, ensuring effective intrusion detection and fire prevention around the clock, but is this all you really need to feel safe and comfortable in your own environment?

These days, you have the opportunity to rely on a highly intelligent home automation system, designed to give you full control over your own property even while you’re at work or on vacation.

Such a clever system is almost as vigilant as a family member, when it comes to deterring perpetrators, enhancing the energy efficiency of your home and generating considerable monthly savings.

Modern enable you to control thermostats and maintain an ideal temperature inside your house. They can also monitor water flow, detect occupancy, activate and deactivate appliances based on their energy consumption and program your video and audio equipment remotely.

Some of the with home automation even allow you to control irrigation, manage sensors and lighting devices, open or close the doors of your garage and keep an eye on your property 24/7.

Undoubtedly, cutting-edge offers superior protection around the clock and helps users stay connected with their houses at all times. Moreover, families who invest in these remarkable hi-tech features get the chance to spot and report home invasions faster and easier than ever before. At least this is the promise made by Control4, a leading provider of home automation systems. They are currently making the most of technological breakthroughs to come up with new, creative security solutions.

We all know that home break-ins and burglaries are all too common. We strive to leverage home automation in more creative ways than a simple home security monitoring system to provide homeowners with even greater knowledge and control,” stated Paul Williams from Control 4.

Control 4 relieson additional sensors designed to monitor window and door activity and report potential threats in a timely manner. When a suspicious activity is detected, the security system automatically triggers a wide range of deterrent actions. In a matter of seconds, a call is made to the monitoring company. Lights start flashing to intimidate the unwanted guests and alert the owners. At the same time, warnings are sent via text or email and IP cameras start recording the whole criminal act.

If there is still motion detected one minute later, another broadcast informs them that the authorities are pulling up. At night, every light in the yard triggers to flash on-and-off and the IP cameras kick on. It really makes me feel better about the safety of my family and my home,” explained one Florida-based homeowner who is currently testing the benefits of the smart features introduced by Control 4.

All in all, it seems that the home automation solution brought to us by Control 4 can easily take the average to the next level, maximizing intrusion prevention and allowing family members to control their home at a touch of a button, anytime, anywhere.

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