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Homeowner’s Discount Rates for Security Systems are Holding Steady, Studies Show


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Homeowner's InsuranceOne of the best ways for homeowners to save on their homeowner’s insurance is to install a . These systems not only deter burglars and keep a home and property safe, but thanks to the rise of technology, they are now more efficient and easier than ever to use. However, homeowners who are looking to score major discounts on their insurance need to shop around for the best possible deal, as discount rates are holding steady at around the twenty percent mark in today’s market.

A comprehensive two-year study in Newark, New Jersey, by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice, demonstrates why insurance companies are offering the discounts. Described as the most comprehensive study of its kind, the team of Rutgers researchers used sophisticated in-depth research techniques to eliminate the variables that impact crime rates and to focus solely on the impact alarm systems have on residential burglaries.”

The president of the Electronic Security Association, Dom D’Ascoli, president of the Electronic Security Association (ESA), agrees that these are a major boon when it comes to lowering crime rates.

Thanks to modern technology, alarm systems are more affordable, versatile, and dependable than ever before,” says D’Ascoli. The Rutgers study showed that these technical innovations have increased the availability of home security systems to middle class homeowners and helped reduce crime.’ “

These statistics, coupled with the fact that home security can now be easily controlled with laptops and smartphones, have increased sales of the units. Despite a rise in sales, however, discounts for homeowners have not risen along with them.

One of the best ways to approach the advantage of any security alarm discount is tocalculate how much it will offset the cost of the system’s monitoring fees. In some cases, and depending on what kind of services an average single family is paying for, these discounts can pay for the monthly monitoring charges or installation of the unit. Of course, this only truly applies if the homeowner can get a good discount on the alarm system.

It may even be necessary to switch insurance companies in order to get a higher discount, which can be a hassle and time consuming as well. While insurance company quotes can be obtained online, making the switch may prove too much of an inconvenience. Because the going rate continues to hold steady at approximately twenty percent, homeowners should not expect any kind of huge discount from their insurance company when they have an installed.

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