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Home Security Trends Are Changing, Market Shows


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Home Security TrendsUp until very recently, the market has remained steady in both price and options, allowing consumers very few choices in the market. However, over the past year, that has changed dramatically, and there are a number of smaller yet technologically powerful companies getting into the market, as well as major telephone and software companies. Up until now, there have been one or two major security giants in place, but over the coming year, trends show that consumerswill have many more choices when it comes to how they pay for their home security, and from whom they can purchase it.

These new trends will be a big change from how the  market has looked over the past decade or so.

Mark Richards of Hive Labs certainly thinks so. “Our vision is that everyone should have home security and not at $30, $40, or $50 USD per month… the alarm companies’ business models are still exactly the same as they ever were, and it won’t last forever,’ says Richards. ‘Long-term contracts, not being open and honest with pricing, and sales folk knocking on doors is from another era.”

Because consumers will see not only a wider variety of options and services but also a change in the way these newer will charge for their services, it will widen the market.

Companies like Apple and other cellular phone giants have already changed the home security market with a number of security apps that have made the experience more social and user-friendly. Users not only have more control of their systems from remote locations, but they can send instant texts and messages to phone numbers they have entered so that their friends and family can all be involved in their homes’ safety. These security apps and systems are selling well because most modern families now keep in touch with each other during the day with their smartphones, and sharing the home security duties via their phones is simply an extension of that social networking.

Many companies are moving away from alarm systems that communicate solely with the police and fire department, and are now allowing the user to become much more involved with the way their systems operate. Current sales trends indicate that these options will only become more popular in the future, especially as smartphone technology continues to grow and evolve.

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