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Home Security Systems, Preparedness, Can Minimize Hurricane Damage


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Most homeowners know that hurricane damage can be devastating to a home and property. High winds and flooding can smash windows, buckle doors, tear the roof off, and water damage can destroy almost everything left inside the home. However, those who want to protect their home from an impending hurricane can use a combination of preparedness and their existing to minimalize damage to the home both during and after the hurricane. While nothing can ensure that the home will not be damaged during these powerful storms, preparing for them and knowing how to use the home’s security system to monitor the property can possibly minimize that damage and keep homeowners and their families safe.

The website notes that many homeowners do not utilize their home security systems to their full extent during extreme weather and do not consider how they might help.

People tend to think of as useful only for burglary,” said Melissa Walker, vice president of marketing for Protect America. “In reality, home security systems can be incredibly useful during extreme weather. Home security systems can give homeowners enough time to react to property damage before it’s too late.”

One way that they can use their is by using a flood detection alert, which can let homeowners know if their homes are taking in water, particularly in basements, which may not be instantly evident during the early stages of heavy rains. Homeowners can also use remote video monitoring to detect damage after the storm has passed and judge whether or not it’s safe for the family to return to the home. This tactic will only be useful, of course, if the monitoring equipment has withstood the storm.

Homeowners can also minimize hurricane damage by preparing their homes for the storm. With enough prior warning, they can use sandbags to shore up areas of the property that might take in water. In some cases, sandbags can be obtained for free from the local fire department or purchased at home hardware stores. In order to protect a home’s windows and doors, homeowners should nail sturdy plywood over them; this will also discourage any looting that might occur after the hurricane, especially if the damage is particularly devastating. Not all hurricane damage can be prevented, but if homeowners use their home security system along with some preventative measures, they can possibly reduce it.

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