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Mobile Surveillance System Helps Law Enforcement Curb Crime Rates in Illinois


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Glenwood is a small village from Cook County, Illinois, counting less than 9,100 residents. According to a recent report, approximately 229 property crimes are recorded here on an annual basis. In order to monitor crime hotspots, discourage perpetrators and turn Glenwood into a 100% safe environment, law enforcement representatives have thought about investingin a reliable monitoring solution, designed to help them detect threats and address emergency situations faster and easier than ever before.

The only problem is that the police department does not benefit from a considerable amount of money, required by cutting-edge introduced on the market to enable law enforcement to curb crime rates. However, Glenwood officials have recently come up with an amazing, cost-effective alternative: the incredibly affordable portable surveillance unit, suggestively entitled SkyWatch, launched on the market by Critical Technology Solutions. The unit can be easily transported from point A to point B and it is considered the perfect option at hand when it comes to preventing crime in a small community with limited resources.

Not many Glenwood residents can afford to pay the right price for a sophisticated . Most of them lock their doors and windows and hope that this simple measure of precaution would guarantee their absolute protection at all times. However, it goes without saying that skilled burglars could never be intimidated by a basic lock-and-key mechanism. Law enforcement representatives relied on video cameras to monitor Glenwood’s Village Hall and the senior center, but so far, they were unable to keep an eye on some of the most important crime hotspots, like parks, frequented by teenagers, the homes inhabited by drug addicts and properties commonly targeted by burglars.

There are similar mobile surveillance units out in the market, but what separates SkyWatch is that it uses completely digital, IP-based technology and can be controlled remotely so that police manpower can be maximized where needed. The image quality is tremendous; the software is intuitive and intelligent; and the system is fully self-sufficient and secure,” stated Don Peters, from Critical Technology Solutions.

This amazing portable system allows law enforcement representatives to keep an eye on large areas where numerous crimes usually take place. The unit is easy to transport, runs on batteries and can also be equipped with a highly convenient built-in generator. Moreover, SkyWatch can be towed from one location to another and can be easily installed in less than 5 minutes.

Apart from curbing crime rates in Glenwood, the mobile surveillance solution introduced by Illinois-based Critical Technology Solutions serves two other purposes: it helps law enforcement detect and handle antisocial activities, like gambling and fighting, for instance; and it also enables them to differentiate hoaxes from real emergency situations. All in all, the portable surveillance system seems to be an ideal solution for Glenwood, implemented to help all people discover the advantages of sophisticated, yet incredibly affordable .

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