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Home Security System May Help Law Enforcement Apprehend Midtown Carjacker


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Many American families decide to invest in a state-of-the-art home security system, thinking that sophisticated equipment will deter perpetrators and turn their homes into 100% safe environments.

Unfortunately, as technology quickly evolves, villains always seem to find a way to keep up with some of the most ingenious technical innovations. Burglars are less intimidated by advanced security system equipment and much more determined when it comes to breaking into homes inhabited by the rich and famous.

At this point, a Midtown Atlanta resident puts all his faith in his home security system, hoping it will help law enforcement apprehend the perpetrator who stole his expensive 2011 Mercedes. The carjacker entered the private property and forced the owner of the luxury vehicle to give him the car keys.

“What’s going through my mind is, ‘How do I make it through this? How do I even the scale? […]I thought about getting my gun, but I might not be here telling the story had I done that,”

stated Brad Edmonds, the victim of the Midtown carjacker.

Instead of trying to fight the unknown armed man, Edmonds ran inside the house, hid in his bathroom, locked the door, called 911 and reported the incident. Fortunately, the whole scene was caught on camera. The surveillance camera provides a very clear profile shot and will most likely enable the assigned police officers to quickly establish the identity of the Midtown carjacker.

Shocked by the recent event, Edmonds plans to do whatever it takes to deter perpetrators and catch the carjacker who got away with his expensive Mercedes. The victim offers $1,000 to whoever provides accurate information leading to a successful arrest and prosecution.

Moreover, Crime Stoppers, a beneficial collaborative program implemented to reduce crime rates in Atlanta, is also putting a $2,000 reward on the table to support the same cause. The end goal is to catch the carjacker and reduce the number of car thefts in Midtown Atlanta.

“I’m not going to stand for it, neither is anybody else. We’re going to fight them,”

concluded Edmonds.

This recent story highlights the importance of a home security system. Even if it may not manage to deter some of the most perseverant villains, an advanced security solution still represents an invaluable asset, allowing law enforcement representatives to identify and arrest perpetrators in no time.

Recent reports indicate that 6,304 violent crimes and 32,382 property crimes are recorded in Atlanta on an annual basis. Moreover, this city has already gained a bad reputation for its alarming number of carjacking schemes and muggings. In this context, it goes without saying that a smart residential security system should be considered an excellent long-term investment by most Atlanta residents.

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