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The biggest development in home security systems is the inclusion of apps. These integrated apps feed into your smart phone or tablet and allow you to communicate with their home alarm system from virtually anywhere. These apps come along with a variation of an interactive monitoring package. The package can change slightly depending on the security system company.

Home security systems that use this technology are some of the best out there. The most popular app is from “” which integrates with many of the top security systems out there. This app is interactive in order to access to home security systems. The app is set up in tabs so you can easily navigate between different settings options. It’s very easy to use.

The first tab in the home security system app is the “status” tab. This will show you what the current state of your system is and if it is armed or disarmed. It’ll also tell you if any of the sensors have been triggered at any point. The second tab, the “Arming” tab, allows you to arm and disarm your system remotely.

The other best and biggest feature of this home security system app is the integration of home automation. Home automation is quickly becoming the next big thing is the security system industry. Home automation can easily save you money every month by lowering your electric bill. You can lower/raise the thermostat or turn off lights… all remotely! Many of the apps out there also offer a live streaming video of what’s going on in that exact moment in your home. The home alarm app has come very far in a short amount of time. We expect to see in more changes down the road is this is the future of the security system industry.

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