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Home Security Gaining Popularity for Rental Properties, Data Suggests


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When most people think of , they think of large-scale homes that are filled with valuables. However, wireless alarm systems and other security options are becoming available to renters as well. Apartment living is a fact of life in every major city in America, and people who rent apartments want their valuables protected as well. Because of these hassle-free options, more landlords are becoming open to these systems being present on their properties, giving renters peace of mind when it comes to round-the-clock security. asserts that home security for rental properties is not the difficulty that it used to be.

In the past, landlords had been resistant to the installation of security systems because of the potential for damage to the property. That’s all changed, thanks to modern home security technology.Today’s equipment negates the need to cut through walls; running wires from room to room, making installation a DIY project that can be completed in a short amount of time. The command and control center communicates wirelessly to each security component in your home security setup. These include such devices as door and window sensors; motion detectors; security lighting; flood, fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide sensors; and wireless cameras.”

Apartment dwellers who want to set up their own rental security can also easily set up their own security systems if they do not want to pay a professional company for their equipment or monitoring. This is a concern, as most monthly rental fees are already a major expense. Renters can buy wireless cameras, deadbolts, and other at most electronic and hardware stores and install them with little time or money wasted. Cameras can be installed at all doors and windows, and renters should ask their landlords if they are allowed to modify doors and windows by putting in deadbolts.

Renters should also practice common-sense security. This includes simple acts that will keep the apartment from becoming a target. Renters should not allow their mail to pile up, keep their curtains closed (especially when they are not at home), and be aware of their surroundings at all times. That way they can watch for suspicious individuals who do not belong in the complex and might be looking for an easy target. While rental security can be a challenge, it is possible, and renters should do all they can to ensure that their rented home is a safe place for both themselves and their families.

Tim Eveler

Author & Public Relations – Tim has been working in sales for the home security system industry over twelve years. He’s held positions at large home security companies and in charge of working with the team to create our security system reviews.

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