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Home Security Customers Enjoy More New Mobile Features Than Ever


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Despite a slight decline in burglaries in the U.S. over the past few decades, the sales of have remained consistent. Homeowners are turning to these systems even more today because recent developments in their mobile features have made them simple, convenient, and even fun to operate. With these new functions in place, homeowners are not only able to secure their homes from a remote location via their smartphone or laptop, but they can also now monitor when people enter or leave the home, turn lights on and off, and even set timers for a number of lighting options, all with the touch of a button, thanks to smartphone security technology.

Homeowners are enjoying these trends because it makes protecting their property easier than ever.

The new trend in home security is no phone lines,” says John Pearson of American Alarm. “We can see what’s going because we get a printout from the cellphone so we know if there’s a problem. With phone lines the customer would have to call in with the problem; now the system checks itself,” heexplains.

Because of this kind of seamless maintenance, customers do not have to worry about their systems malfunctioning, giving them complete peace of mind. This method of maintenance is also growing in popularity because of the rising number of families that are abandoning their landlines in favor of their smartphones.

The number of features offered by new smartphone security technology is also growing. As recently as a decade ago, there were not many ways for homeowners to know what was happening at their homes while they were not there, and even the  in place then only alerted the company’s monitoring system in the event of a break in. Today, homeowners can do everything from setting up timers for their lights to viewing the interior of their homes via a webcam. This gives parents who must work full time a greater peace of mind, as they can check when their children have arrived home from school safely and then arm the security system to keep them safe while they are in the home.

Most any feature of these new remote options can be used wirelessly, allowing home security customers to lock and unlock doors, take photos of entrances, and access dozens of other features that will make their homes a haven of safety, no matter where they are during the day.

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