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Home security systems can come with a contract to sign. We exclusively recommend getting a contract for your home. The benefits are significant. Not only will you get back up and support if something goes wrong with the system, but also (more importantly) you’ll get support in case someone breaks into your home. That support will be crucial in calling the police and asking if you are safe.

So when choosing your home security system, be sure to check out the length of the contract from the security company. Some security companies only offer one option for the contract, while others will have several options. Plus like we said before, some don’t have any contract obligation at all. The biggest security system companies will always require a security monitoring contract of some kind. In order to “qualify” for this contract, you either need to be a homeowner or agree to a credit check to verify “fair” credit.

The biggest reason that any security system company would offer different home security contract lengths, is because they can offer discounts on the up-front cost of the equipment. The standard contractlength is 3 years so they can often get a system for free or little up-front cost – or at a significant discount! With the contract, you get a discount and the customer has confirmed your loyalty for he next 3 or so years.

The contract is not required, but it is certainly the most popular option when is some to home security awareness. There are a few companies that also offer month-to-month leases or a short security system monitoring contract.

All we’re saying is keep your eyes peeled for a good home security contract. If you’d like more information on the pricing of a particular security system, be sure to read our security system reviews to learn more about the company.

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