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Home Security Companies Are Ready to Promote Hosted Video Surveillance More Effectively


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Advanced, sophisticated, yet extremely simple to use security systems represent a valuable asset for all people seeking a higher level of protection for their businesses and homes. While numerous are trying to promote their analog solutions in front of their targeted audience, giant players in this sector acknowledge the fact that hosted video surveillance will become the next powerful trend in this overcrowded market. As clients are looking for more effective to deter potential perpetrators and turn their properties into 100% safe, increasingly comfortable environments, security specialists are fully aware of the fact that cloud storage and professional service solutions represent the perfect alternative to hardware installation.

Why would customers be so tempted to invest in hosted video surveillance in the first place? Service providers talk about at least three great reasons to go down this path, including easy conversion, cost-efficiency, and various supplementary services designed to protect and stimulate the development of small and medium-size businesses, including remote data storage and enhanced cash protection, for instance.

Despite the fact that this revolutionary technology enabling homeowners and business owners to save big without making any compromises when it comes to their own safety, hosted video surveillance has yet to be properly promoted. If this type of security solution is so effective, so convenient, and reliable enough to replace analog options in the near future, then why hasn’t it managed to attract prospects like a magnet and fill the pockets of service providers?

The answer is quite simple: While the demand for hosted video is increasing, providers need to address several other challenges currently impacting the popularity of this future-proof alternative. The greatest assignment is to train salespeople, installers, and experienced technicians who might be reluctant to change for one reason or another.

We need to change the mindset of our people. We’re transitioning to service solutions from hardware installation. We’re talking about cloud storage. We’re talking about taking (a lot of) equipment out of the equation,” stated Art Miller, Vector Security’s marketing vice president.

Extensive training is required to support the development and promotion of high-end hosted video solutions, offering more than satisfactory results and generating considerable financial savings in the process. People who know how to sell cameras to homeowners will now have to learn how to advertise services triggering recurring revenues.

There’s 100-percent uptime [with hosted video]. It is consumed as a service anywhere you have access to the Internet. You don’t have to worry about service updates. The fact that it’s Web-based is critical,” indicates Matt Krebs from Axis Communication.

Despite the fact that costly, time-consuming training sessions are still demanded to maximize the profitability of hosted video options, experts predict that hosted video surveillance will soon become a must-have thanks to its virtually endless list of advantages.

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