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Home Security Can Be Cheap, Effective


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Dog for home securityHomeowners are constantly on the lookout to increase the security around their property. While are effective, their monthly monitoring fees are often out of reach financially for the average homeowner, especially those who are already paying a mortgage on their home. However, not all home security solutions need to put homeowners in debt, and there are many ways that they can both protect their homes and save money.

While  are the greatest means of keeping a home safe, other less expensive methods can be applied as well. The main entranceways to a home should always have locking mechanisms, particularly the windows, which many homeowners neglect to secure.

The Washington Post suggests deadbolt locks, bars on windows, and pins in sash windows may be effective theft deterrents. It goes without saying to make sure all the entry points are locked (but, still, 6% of burglaries happen that way).

Many studies show that having a dog on the premises will deter a burglar because even if it is not aggressive, the barking will discourage thieves from approaching the property. Homeowners who have gentle dogs can still put up signs that alert people to their presence, or if they do not or cannot own a dog, they can still hang signs on their fences or in windows. Even if a dog is not clearly visible, signs of one, such as having dog bowls or houses out, is enough to discourage a first-time or non-career thief and is one of many cheap and effective home security solutions.

Homeowners can also turn to the Internet in order to find ways to make their house secure on a budget. There are some auction sites that sell window and door decals from popular security companies for only a few dollars apiece. These decals have the same impact as “Beware of Dog” signs: If would-be burglars think they will trip an alarm through forced entry, they will beless likely to try. One way to fortify these decals is to put up fake or inoperative cameras in plain view of main entrances. The more evidence of security that’s in place, the more it will deter thieves from trying to gain access to a home.

Home security does not have to put a homeowner into debt. Buying deadbolts for doors and windows and applying a bit of ingenuity can go a long way and save them hundreds of dollars a year on monitoring fees from a professional .

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