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Home Security Apps for iPad and Other Tablets Becoming More Common


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As recently as five years ago, mobile security was largely only available through devices that had enough memory to control them, such as laptops and tower computers. Over the past few years, however, apps that can be controlled from one’s smartphone have become the norm, and now, with the recent explosion of combination laptop/tablet devices that can do it all, security companies and tablet manufacturers are now offering users an even wider variety of apps. These tablet apps for iPad and other devices are the ultimate in convenience for those homeowners, as many of them carry their tablets with them wherever they go, from work to home and even on vacation.

Tech writer Drew Hendricks, a contributor for the , points out just how convenient these tablet apps are compared to traditional methods of . He writes:

Other methods are just as faulty. Having a dog is great for home protection, but people in the city can’t keep large guard dogs and they may need protection the most living in areas with more break-ins. Posting stickers and signs warning burglars that there is a security system might ward off break-ins, or it might tell them exactly what brand of system they have to get by, and maybe they know exactly how to bypass it. Technology is doing its best to put the control back into the homeowners’ hands. There are tons of smartphone-compatible apps and gadgets that are making home security easier to manage, more effective, and more exact.”

In addition, today’s tablets are being manufactured with even more memory and the overall ability to run an even greater number of programs, something that was impossible a few years ago.

Several of these apps can turn a homeowner’s iPad or other tablet into a mobile monitoring and security device that can potentially save them hundreds of dollars of private fees. There are several apps available that can transform any tablet into a webcam, allowing users to view a real-time video stream of whatever the camera is pointed at. Homeowners can monitor everything from their front door to their driveway, and all without paying exorbitant monthly monitoring fees. Users should be cautious about using these apps, however; if they should lose their tablet or leave it behind, these apps could be used by others to gain access to their homes, compromising the safety of their families and property.

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