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Home Alarm System Inadvertently Leads Police to Major Drug Bust


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It’s common knowledge that home alarm systems are a great way to provide safety and security, but this week in Pittsburgh, a home alarm system had a different purpose—it led police to make a big drug bust. A home alarm system at a home near Pittsburgh led to an unexpected discovery by the officer who was responding to a routine alarm call. The police officer was simply doing his duty by responding to the call that was reported by a security system monitoring company, and rather than being greeted by a burglar or intruder, he was greeted with a much more startling scene.

A Penn Hills police officer reported to a private home because of a call that resulted from a home alarm system, and while the officer didn’t find a burglar, he did discover something else of importance—a great deal of marijuana and what appeared to be a marijuana distribution network in the basement of the home.

The officer discovered about 25 pounds of marijuana, including 15 pounds stuffed in the home’s dryer. In addition to the marijuana, the officer also discovered over $11,000 of cash in the home. All of these items were discovered because the home owner left his front door open, which in turn triggered the home alarm system to alert authorities.

“Our police went in to make sure no one in distress, to make sure everyone is safe,” said Penn Hills Police Chief Howard Burton. “Upon entering the home, they noticed a good deal of packaging material, drug paraphernalia, drug material. They secured the home, applied for a search warrant, executed a search warrant at the home, saw approximately 20-25 pounds of marijuana.”

“It was shipped through the postal service,” Burton said. “It was shipped in little aluminum foil packages with an attempt to hide the owner and then they were shipped through the United States mail actually.”

According to the town’s police chief, the majority of the marijuana operation was set-up in the basement. Additionally, it appears the marijuana was sent from California and was being distributed from the home from which the home alarm system call alerted police.

According to Penn Hills police, it is likely that about 50 pounds of marijuana had been shipped to the house, and half of that amount had already been sold.

While this home alarm call didn’t result in the capturing of a burglar, it did result in an important find for local authorities, who are currently searching for two men in conjunction with the discovery that was the result of an absentminded homeowner.


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