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GSM Security Systems Are Changing the Face of Home Security


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GSM Security SystemGlobal System Mobile Communications (GSM), is changing the way homeowners use and access their . As little as ten years ago, most systems were hardwired through a home’s landline phone access, and when the alarm was triggered it could only alert the security company, who would notify the police. This system was not efficient, however, and many homeowners had to take a loss if a thief made off with something valuable before the police could arrive. Now, GSM makes it possible for that alert to not only go to the right authorities, but also to the homeowner’s cell phone and any other number that he or she sets up.

According to a contributor at the Home Security Hacks website, “A large majority of motion sensors and portable home security systems now use cellular technology for remote communications. A GSM-enabled alarm system functions just a like a mobile phone; it even has its own internal Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card. This allows the system to dial out and send data to multiple phone numbers.”

Thanks to this technology, users can not only receive alerts from their , but depending on how they set it up, other members of the family or even close neighbors can receive the same alert at the same time, allowing anyone who is close by to check on the property.

One of the greatest advantages of a GSM-enabled alarm system is how easily it can be installed. In most cases, homeowners can even set up a store-bought system themselves instead of paying hundreds of dollars for a professional company to come in and install it. Also, unlike old-fashioned landline security systems, these GSM systems require no hard wiring or drilling. The system itself is password-protected when it runs off the home’s Internet connection and works seamlessly with other applications as well. When homeowners are not at home, they can receive real-time messages from the system on their smartphone via a variety of apps, lock and unlock doors remotely, monitor the property via wireless cameras, and even change the lighting and temperature in the home when they are not there. With all of these features, it is not hard to understand why GSM technology is rapidly changing the way homeowners are using and communicating with their .

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