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FST21 May Replace Human Guards in the Near Future


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Security-conscious homeowners would do everything in their power to protect their loved ones and their assets. In most cases, they buy a guard dog, lock all their doors and windows, install an efficient and hope to stay out of harm’s way in the long term. People who own an apartment in a residential complex usually invest in supplementary measures of precaution; they pay the right price for an advanced access control system and hire a human guard to prevent robberies and various other types of property crimes triggering major financial losses, emotional traumas and extensive damages.

Most of them will be thrilled to find out that FST21 is expected to launch its simplified version of the much-appreciated “Digital Doorman” system, relying on a great mix of biometrics technology, analytics and video surveillance. The complex motion identification system is already considered one of the most innovative security solutions currently introduced on the market.

FST21 plans to stay one step ahead of its main competitors and address some of the most common challenges and concerns impacting its niche by filling the gap between two types of security measures taken into consideration by worldwide customers: one represented by technological breakthroughs in the form of , access control systems and so on, and the other type represented by human security.

What he figured out is that there are two levels of security out there in the market: one is (technology) and mainly what we’re talking about is the access control side of things and the second is human security – guards, doormen. There seemed to be a very big spot missing that didn’t provide security convenience. When you talk about a human guard – the doorman in the parking facility or office building – he knows everyone by heart, you wave your hand to him and he waves back. That’s something no access control (system) can give you today,” stated Shahar Belkin, the CTO of FST21.

In this context, how could the simplified version of the “Digital Doorman” actually manage to replace human guards in the future? In a few words, company representatives indicate the fact that FST21 intends to take its security solution to the next level, by making sophisticated technology seem less intimidating.

What the system uses is high-resolution cameras as eyes, as well as an intercom and then a microphone and loudspeakers as its ears and mouth. Everything is connected to a strong processor and the rest is done on the server. What it actually does is when people or a person walk in the direction of an access point, the system picks up the movement that the camera sees and startslearning the behavior of the person meaning the body size, speed of walk, the gait and the path the person is using. When the person gets about 16 feet from the camera, there is also enough information to identify the face of the person. The system here does the same job a human guard would,” explained Belkin.

If their complex security solution were to benefit from a much-needed popularity increase, it would definitely ensure a high level of protection and leave no room for errors. In this context, it goes without saying that the simplified version of FST21’s Digital Doorman could easily replace human guards and trigger considerable financial advantages.

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