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FrontPoint Security – The Possible Culprit to an Alleged Infringement Scheme


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FrontPoint SecurityThere is never a dull moment in the eye of security. FrontPoint Security Solutions, along with, is making all the wrong security headlines these days, as they are being accusedby iControl Networks of possible patent infringement. Just recently, iControl Networks has made a formal statement announcing that they have filed a lawsuit against these two very well-known .

iControl is claiming that both and have violated a confidentiality agreement entered into between iControl Networks and FrontPoint Security back in 2007. They claim that in July of 2007, they were confronted by FrontPoint regarding an opportunity to license their technology, wherein they later scheduled a demonstration with FrontPoint Security who, on two separate occasions, was exposed to proprietary and patented intellectual property.

iControl further claims that in November 2007, FrontPoint Security had notified them that they would be collaborating with for some “basic … security functionality.” It is unknown whether or not and/or how, if at all, iControl responded to that notice.

According to iControl, at least one or more of’s systems is currently imposing upon their own proprietary patented technology. They claim that FrontPoint Security Solutions and have encroached upon possibly 6 of their registered patents, in which they’ve spent millions to develop. iControl’s CEO made the statement that their “intellectual property is crucial to…” their company. He further stated that the company will do all they can to protect their intellectual property.

The 6 U.S. Patents that were allegedly violated include the: (1) Forming a Security Network Including Integrated Security System Components and Network Devices; (2) Premises Management Networking; (3) Method and System for Monitoring Events; (4) Security Network Integrated with Premise Security System; (5) Networked Touchscreen with Integrated Interfaces; (6) Method for Defining and Implementing Alarm/Notification by Exception.

The U.S. District Court of Virginia is the court that will be handling this case. Not only is iControl asking for damages in connection with this case, but they will also be asking the court to prohibit both Solutions and from proceeding to sell any products that supposedly impose on any of their registered patents.

Attempts were made to reach out to the executive officers of all three parties involved. The spokesperson for iControl put out a statement confirming that they have, in fact, filed a lawsuit against both and why.’s spokesperson also spoke out regarding the matter, simply claiming that they have yet to view the claim and could not release any particular comments regarding the case details at the moment. Unfortunately, neither a company spokesperson for FrontPoint nor any of their executives have been reachable. Details on this lawsuit are public record and may be reviewed by anyone accessing the Virginia U.S. District Court’s public records.

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