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Free Police Patrols for Vacationing Families Offers Peace of Mind, Safety


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Police carOne major concern for many homeowners who take extended vacations during the summer or over a holiday is how to keep their home secure when they’re away. While having the neighbors check in and setting the can be effective, some homeowners may worry whether or not this is enough. However, what they may not know is that their local law enforcement can help with free police patrols to enhance the safety of their empty home. These checks are available in many different cities across the U.S., although the majority of homeowners aren’t aware they are an option when it comes to keeping their homes safe.

According to the Protect America website, Conway, Arkansas, is just one city that offers these free checks. Conway Police Department spokesperson LaTresha Woodruff spoke to :

You tell officers when you’re leaving and when you’ll be back. You can let them know what cars will be at your home, if any lights will be on, and who may becoming or going to check on animals or pick up the Sunday paper.”

Not only does this increase the while the homeowner and family are away, but it will also ensure anyone coming to check in on the home that they have some kind of backup as well. If something should look out of the ordinary, the police will stop to investigate and alert the homeowner if needed.

Homeowners who want to take advantage of these free police patrols can stop by their local precinct to discuss whether or not the program is available. In some cities, individuals can even sign up for the patrols online; this saves time, something that’s often in short supply when people are making a number of plans for their vacation. While at the police station, it is also a smart move for homeowners to fill out a property listing form, which is an inventory of valuables thatare kept inside the home or on the property. This form will then be kept on file at the police station, and in the event of a burglary, it will be considered a legitimate document for legal or insurance purposes. In many cases, this form is also free of charge. When used in tandem with the free police patrols, vacationing homeowners can have complete peace of mind when they leave their property in the hands of another.

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