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Frankfort Police Officers Increase Patrols to Cope with Recent String of Burglaries


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A reliable enables residents to attain peace of mind, knowing that their valuable belongings and their loved ones benefit from the highest level of protection 24/7. Unfortunately, many homeowners are intimidated by complex, state-of-the-art and by prohibitive price tags. As a result, they choose to rely on basic, inexpensive preventive measures, like installing deadbolts or burglar-proof windows to deter perpetrators. This of course, is no substitute for buying and implementing the very equipment for their property.

The truth is that these days one can easily find a wide range of effective, affordable DIY security systems on the market that are worth every single cent. Apps and DIY surveillance cameras can keep villains at a respectable distance and enable owners to monitor their properties anytime, anywhere.

Even so, it seems that small communities acknowledge the importance of the only when they are forced to cope with a rash of burglaries, generating huge property damages and considerable financial losses.

This is the case of numerous families living in a Frankfort neighborhood where 5 properties have been targeted by a group of burglars in less than two weeks. At this point, it is believed that one or more suspects could be involved in this recent string of burglaries reported in Frankfort.

There is an individual who is breaking into homes during all hours of the evening and stealing televisions,”  explained Captain Robert Warfel from the Frankfort Police Department.

In an attempt to address this problem in an effective manner, police officers have decided to invest time andeffort in crime prevention strategies, aiming to encourage residents to cope with potential security threats. Also, law enforcement representatives have increased patrols in the local burglary hotspots, in an attempt to apprehend potential suspects and keep the streets safe.

Locals who are now living in fear have reached the conclusion that it’s time to invest in simple improvements that could turn their properties into impenetrable fortresses. They purchase and install home security systems, mount “no solicitation” signs on their doors, lock their windows and keep an eye on dubious strangers who might show an unusual interest in their properties.

All in all, they seem to be on the right path, as reliable security system equipment and neighborhood watch groups have always proven their effectiveness when it comes to deterring burglars.

We get so many people that come to the door. […]People are more aware now. They make sure their doors are locked and they are taking extra precautions that need to be taken,” stated Lori Bishop, a woman who has lived in the affected area for more than 18 years.

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