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FAQ: Wireless Security System


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We wanted to go over some frequently asked questions about wireless security systems. We get a lot of questions on this part of the market simply because a wireless security system is not what we traditionally think of as a high end security system. Hopefully below we can break some of the stereotypes and get you thinking that a wireless security system might be the best bet for you!

Will the wireless in the security system be interrupted by my devices? Or interrupt my devices? The answer to this questions is a resounding “no.” There is going to be NO interference by your security system and vice versa.

What makes a wireless system better? Well since we’re doing an FAQ on wireless systems, we clearly think they are worth investing in. The benefits are numerous and generally speaking, a wireless security system is a great choice for customers. The biggest thing that we like about the wireless system is that they are convenient. Most allow for a DIY security system installation. How is this more convenient if you have to do it? For one it will only take you 30 minutes to install. It also means you don’t have to pay a professional to come in and do it for you. Also, because it’s wireless, the system can move with you with relative ease. All you have to do is turn off the system, detach the sensors and pack it up.

What does being a wireless system entail, exactly? It sounds pretty simple, and truthfully it is pretty simple. Physically, it means that your security system has no wires. It uses a proprietary frequency to send signals to and from the Control Panel when the system is triggered. It works the same way as a traditional security system, except that the information is being sent wirelessly to the control panel. A few years ago when this technology was first introduced it was somewhat unreliable, but since it’s introduction, the wireless security systems have gotten immensely more reliable. We consider a few of these to be the best security systems on he market too.

Hopefully we answered a few questions for you! If you’ve got more, send them our way and we’ll answer them right up here! If you’ve got a question, chances are someone else does too.

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