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Door-To-Door Scams Are Becoming More Common, Studies Show


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door-to-door scansThe Better Business Bureau (BBB) has recently warned people in the eastern part of the United States about the rise in door-to-door scams in that area. This risk is not only a concern for people in this area but for homeowners all over the country. While many homeowners are aware of how to prevent identity theft and burglaries, they are often vulnerable to these scams because those who perpetrate them do not fit the profile of a crook. In order to protect themselves from these scams, homeowners should be aware of what to look for when these individuals come calling.

According to the BBB, the most popular and common scam that has been reported to them is the New Visions scam.

Complaints to BBB allege that once the consumers pay New Vision Sales for a magazine subscription, they never receive anything at all. BBB has not been able to contact this business, all mail to them has been returned, and the address given appears to be a UPS drop box location.”

This scam is only one of many that have come back into fashion among con artists who work door to door. Another popular scam is for young people to pose as high school or college students who claim to be raising money for school trips or band equipment. However, even if they have ID, homeowners should always contact the school to verify that these fundraisers are legitimate.

In order to protect their homes and families from these types of scams, homeowners should always be wary of anyone who is selling magazine subscriptions, DVDs, or any other kind of media that the seller claims will “arrive at a later date.” Many people are taken in by these scams because the seller will tell them they will have to wait six to eight weeks for their first magazine or DVD to arrive, and by then, he or she is long gone and so is their money. Homeowners should be especially wary of people who ask that they pay only by cash or check: they are harder to trace.

Before anyone in the home agrees to buy anything from someone selling door to door, their identity and the school or business they represent should be contacted. Sellers who use aggressive sales tactics or who try and gain access to the home should be turned away instantly.

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