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Defective Smoke Detector Responsible for the Death of 3 People in Pittsburgh, California


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Smoke DetectorAs modern technology evolves at an incredibly fast pace, we feel compelled to profit from amazing breakthroughs to transform our homes and offices into perfectly safe environments, allowing us to feel comfortable and protected 24/7. We gather all of the informationwe need on insanely sophisticated electronic commercial and , we buy them and install all their extras with professional help, but somewhere along the road we neglect the fact that the simplest methods of precaution can make a big difference in our lives and protect us against a wide range of potentially fatal threats.

Taken by surprise by tall flames and smoke, three women lost their lives on September 15th, after becoming the unfortunate victims of a home fire reported in Pittsburg, in the East Bay area. The women failed to find their way out of the burning death trap, simply because their smoke alarms did not have any batteries, according to Lewis Broschard, the Fire Marshal who came to investigate this tragic event. It seems that non-functional smoke detectors were spotted inside the house, on the kitchen counter. They were not mounted on the walls of the household, plus they had no batteries; therefore they obviously failed to alert the women and enable them to leave the house on time and avoid this dramatic ending.

Not only were the smoke alarms not installed on the walls, but there were no batteries for them to operate. So these five-dollar devices, more than likely, would have made the difference between life and death this morning,” stated Broschard.

Broschard suggested that a fully functional smoke detector represents a real asset, allowing homeowners to prevent fire hazards and attain peace of mind, knowing that their houses wouldn’t be burned to the ground and their lives wouldn’t be put on the line, even if such a devastating event were to take place at some point in time.

According to recent statistics introduced by the National Fire Protection Association, fire departments all across the U.S. were forced to handle and limit the impact of no less than 370,000 residential structure fires only in 2011, leading to 2,520 deaths, 13,910 injuries, and financial losses estimated at no less than 6.9 billion dollars. In this context, the importance of a with smoke detectors becomes obvious. The cheapest smoke detectors will cost you less than $10, however, if you want to turn your home into a risk-free, fireproof environment, pay the right price for a sophisticated smoke alarm to attain peace of mind, knowing that you and your loved ones are out of harm’s way once and for all. Smoke alarms for residential properties are a great way to prevent fire injuries and considerable losses, so consider investing in one before it’s too late.

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