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Deciding On A Do It Yourself Security System


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Do it yourself security systems are all the rage these days. But are they for everyone? Today we’ll explore whether or not a do it yourself security system is right for you, and how to go about choosing a DIY security system vs. other options. So, is a do it yourself security system right for you? Let’s find out.

A do it yourself security system is fairly self explanatory. It is a security system that you can install yourself. All DIY security systems are wireless security systems. It wouldn’t make much sense to have a DIY security system full or wires and difficult things to install. In fact, DIY security systems are very simple to set up. What are the steps to installing a do it yourself security system? Let’s take a look.

StepsTo Installing A Do It Yourself Security System

A do it yourself security system will be shipped to your door, programmed, and ready to install.

Step 1: Plug In Your Control Panel

The first step to installing a DIY security system is plugging in your Control Panel. The Control Panel is “brain” of the security system and houses the cellular device used for communication with the monitoring station. This device can be placed anywhere in the home, although a basement of area with little cell reception is not ideal. Most often the Control Panel is place in an easily accessible area in the home such as the kitchen or next to an entry door.

Step 2: Place Your Wireless Sensors

The security system company you purchase from will provide multiple things to help you set up your sensors including the sensors themselves, an adhesive, and asheet of paper to keep track of where your sensors have been placed. Each sensor will have a number so you can mark down where it is. This is helpful for programming names of sensors later, or to turning individual sensors on or off.

Step 3: Call Security Company For Activation

The final step to installing your DIY security system is to call the security company to have the system activated. The company will “check” your system remotely to make sure the Control Panel and sensors are communicating properly, and will then successfully activate your system. Then you’re all done!


As you can see installing a do it yourself security system is a breeze, and takes only a few short steps. In fact, it should take most people less than an hour to install a do it yourself security system. But how do you know whether it’s right for you? Ask yourself a few questions.

Do I like things to be quick and easy? If so, you will like a DIY security system.

Do I want to save money? If you answered yes, a DIY security system is for you

Do I want to feel like a part of protecting my home? Again, if you answered yes, then a DIY security maybe the right choice for you.

A do it yourself security system has a lot of benefits including saving time and money. What’s more is you’ll know more about your security system and how its set up and protecting your home. The more you know the better, of course, and DIY security systems are an easy way to get a great security system and learn a little bit in the process.

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