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Data ShowsThat Wireless Home Security is More Affordable Than Ever


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As recently as five years ago, many homeowners regarded as something only the wealthy could afford, and turned to other options for their home security needs. However, in the past few years, prices have come down, particularly for wireless systems, and they are now affordable for the average family. Because of this fall inprice, more Americans are becoming more aware of home security and how important it is to protect their valuables, even if they are not wealthy.

Many Americans believe they do not need a security system because they do not own things of great value when compared to wealthier people. However, when most burglars break into homes today, it is to steal the kinds of electronics that even average families own, such as smaller flat-panel televisions, laptops, and tablets.

People associated security systems with people who live behind wrought-iron gates,” said Bruce Peterson, marketing manager of Heath Zenith’s Reflex line of home-security products, “but you don’t have to be excessively wealthy to want to protect your color TV, VCR and stereo and your family keepsakes.”

These are easier to use as well, which is why their sales are rising. Many companies are even selling systems that homeowners can install on their own, unlike previous systems that sometimes took several days to install and could only be put in by a professional. This kind of installation could sometimes cost thousands of dollars, another factor that caused the average homeowner to shy away from their purchase. Today’s systems are no more difficult to use than flicking a switch or plugging in a cord, and many come with easy-to-understand instructions that almost anyone can follow. This, combined with the price, has drawn homeowners from a wide range of incomes.

Another reason that consumers are finding these systems so affordable today is because the prices vary widely depending on the kinds of extras and options they buy. A basic system is affordable for almost any family, while others can add other security options, such as remote monitoring, for a slightlyhigher price. Because consumers are in control of the kinds of options they purchase and are not forced to buy a complete kit for thousands of dollars, more homeowners are investing in , whether it’s installed professionally or they decide to buy cheaper systems that they install themselves.

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