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Data Shows That Many Homes Are Not Prepared for a Disaster


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Many more American homes have than were installed ten years ago. However, recent data shows that while these homes have alarms in place, a great many of them are not prepared for a natural disaster. Strong storms, such as hurricanes, intense thunderstorms, and tornadoes can cause untold damage to a home and leave its occupants without any supplies. Because emergency medical services may not be ableto get to them right away, creating a secure safe room is one essential part of a home security plan that no homeowner can do without.

Choosing the location of a safe room is vital when it comes to preparing for a disaster. The room should be on the ground floor of a home. The basement is an excellent option, particularly in the event of a tornado or any storm with high winds. Any room that’s chosen as the safe room should have a limited number of windows, or none at all, to reduce the chances of any family members being cut by flying glass.

Make sure the room is large enough to accommodate anyone who might be in the house during emergencies, including pets. Add a pet door and train your cats and dogs to use it so they come to you during an emergency,” says J.D. Bardot of

Stocking a safe room with the proper items is key to the next step in this  measure. Homeowners need to prepare to survive on these items for several days in case of a major disaster and stock enough food, water, and medical supplies for every member of the family, including pets. Not only should canned and pre-packaged food be included in the stocks, but also a supply of extra clothing, first aid supplies, flashlights, batteries, blankets, an emergency whistle, and an extra cell phone, which should always be kept charged. For pets, homeowners can include food, extra bowls, blankets, and other bedding in order to keep them comfortable.

While many homeowners believe their homes and families are safe because they have an alarm system installed, these alarms only prevent crime and cannot predict or prevent natural disasters. A plan should include a safe room, especially in areas where bad weather occurs often. Homeowners should make sure that every family member knows where the safe room is in order to remain protected during an emergency.

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