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Crime Prevention Measures Increase Child Safety


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crime preventionMany times, homeowners and their families do not usually think about safety or security crisis situations until they happen, and then it is too late. This is because most families and parents believe their neighborhoods to be a safe place for their children, a place where crime and abductions rarely happen. As a result, parents don’t often discuss hypothetical crime scenarios with their kids for fear of frightening them. However, by preparing their children for different situations, homeowners can teach them how to avoid being abducted or injured.

According to the Crime Doctor website, “Most people have no such family plan nor have they met as a family to discuss what-if scenarios. When or if a criminal assault occurs, the unprepared family will have to rely on natural instinct in response to an incident.”

In this instance, when a criminal incident occurs, there is little time to think rationally or formulate a plan, leaving family members vulnerable. In order to prevent this, families should meet to discuss how to stay safe, no matter what the situation.

The best way for families to stay safe is to practice crime prevention. This involves discussing possible crime scenarios openly and letting the children in the family know that these scenarios are possible. For example, all children should know what to do if they are walking home from the school bus stop and a stranger asks them to help find their lost dog or offers them a ride. Older kids and teenagers who are old enough to stay home alone should know how to arm the and to not let people who come to the door know they are home alone. Prevention can stop the unthinkable from happening, especially when all family members are aware of what scenarios are most likely to happen in their neighborhood.

Crime prevention should not be practiced by children and teens alone. Adults should also discuss crime scenarios with each other and what they might do in certain situations. Burglary, home invasion, and even identity theft are all things that homeowners should discuss with their spouses and have a plan of action for each. Investing in  and being aware of their credit history are both ways they can protect themselves and their families. When families have a plan and discuss crime prevention openly, they can stay safe and feel secure in any situation.

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