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Cellular Security Systems for Power Outages


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So your power goes out. There’s a big storm and the entire block is down, what do you do? What if a burglar cuts your power or phone lines. Is there anyway for you to be protected and contact the right people? The answer is not in a conventional security system. You need a cellular security system in order to be prepared for situations like this. A cellular security system which is also a wireless security system is your best option and here’s why: Cellular security systems do not use conventional phone lines or broadband to contact the security system company. You are able to contact in case of an emergency 24/7- despite the status of your electricity or phone. A wireless security system is charged by batteries, which last a very long time. You are not reliant on external batteries to keep the alarm system going.

The best kind of alarm systems to buy during a power outage are the ones with built in batteries. Many of the best security systems offer a battery backup as part of a standard packages. For example, ADT usually offers battery backup systems within their security systems which will work for 24 hours after the power has gone out. In general, this will get most homeowners through a power failure with ease.

You don’t need to feel unprotected during a power outage. One of the most important steps past the security system with cellular monitoring, wireless technology or backup batteries, we recomend getting some floodlights to brighten up the interior of your home. Floodlights or battery powered lanterns generally do the trick. By keeping the interior of your home lit, you are telling any unwanted guests that you are still home. Most burglars do not make the effort to break into a home that is currently occupied.

Well there you have it, whether it’s a storm or a drunk driver drove into a telephone pole, every home is susceptible to a power outage. There are a variety of ways to mediate the situation and we’ve given you a few ideas for the next outage that might come your way.

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