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Biometric Technology Experts to Start Pilot Program to Help Law Enforcement Apprehend Criminals


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Biometric TechnologyDue to its incontestable advantages, its cutting-edge approach, and its proven effectiveness, biometric technology is on the rise. 3D-ID, LLC, a subsidiary of NXT-ID, a well-known biometric company, has recently announced the development of a new pilot program, designed to fight property crimes and allow law enforcement to increase apprehension rates. It seems that sophisticated will be used by representatives from the Palm Bay, Fla., policedepartment to find perpetrators faster and easier than ever before, allowing them to minimize losses, keep dangerous villains off the streets and eventually turn even the most problematic neighborhoods into perfectly safe environments.

3D FaceMatch™ facial imaging solutions provide government, law enforcement, and security agencies with fast, precise, automated, and low-cost solutions for biometrically accurate imaging of human faces in three dimensions. By acquiring the shape of a subject’s face together with a perfectly registered image, FaceMatch technology enables dramatic performance enhancements in human identification systems ranging from manual photo ID verification to automated facial recognition,” explain NXT-IT experts on their official website.

During the pilot program, the company will test its revolutionary 3D FaceMatch system, considered an invaluable biometric facial recognition solution based on innovative technology that allows the product to distinguish shapes with maximum accuracy. In a few words, the shape information is stored in a 3D biometric template, along with a tri-dimensional shape signature. The template is then instantly compared to thousands of other templates available in the police database. At this point in time, the collaboration will support the efforts of Palm Bay law enforcement to improve safety, increase arrest rates, and facilitate a successful prosecution; however, it is expected that satisfactory results obtained during the pilot program will capture the attention of other police departments across the U.S., driven by the same goals and ambitions.

3D facial recognition is an important technology innovation that will give law enforcement the upper hand to accurately and rapidly identify criminals. 3D-ID provides a new technology platform that allows law enforcement to make positive identification without the intrusiveness of conventional police methods,” stated John Blackledge, the Deputy Chief of the Palm Bay, Fla., Police Department.

As long as new cutting-edge is available and widely accessible, more and more law enforcement agencies will most likely be motivated to increase their performance while also witnessing significant financial savings by simply making the most of advanced biometric systems. All in all, encouraging results delivered by NXT-ID at the end of the pilot program will most likely highlight the remarkable effectiveness of biometric facial recognition solutions, simplify the work of police officers, and allow homeowners to attain peace of mind knowing that law enforcement agencies now rely on last-generation identification systems to catch perpetrators in record time and keep the streets clean and safe.

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