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Best Security Systems For Vacation Homes


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Many people around the U.S. not only have their primary residence but also own a second home or vacation home. Finding the best security system for a vacation home may not be the same as finding one for your primary residence. You may want different features, different devices, and may be limited by what your vacation home has or doesn’t have – such as wireless internet. So what should you look for when finding the best security system for your vacation home?

Vacation House Security System

1. A Do It Yourself Security System

You may only visit your vacation home once a year, or only a few times. When you do, you want to enjoy the time while you are there, not have to worry about getting a security system install. The best security system for a vacation home is a DIY security system. By installing the system yourself you can save yourself a ton of time. Most DIY security systems only take about an hour to install leaving you with plenty of time to enjoy your time away from home.

2. Online & Remote Access To Your Security System

If you’re not going to be at the house as much as it is a good idea to get features like online access. This way you can change settingsand keep tabs on things while you’re not at the home. The best security systems and companies will offer online/remote access which you can use to arm/disarm the system, change settings, view cameras, and even manage home automation devices.

3. Home Security Cameras

Purchasing a security system with security cameras is also popular among vacation homeowners. With security cameras you can visually keep an eye on the house and its surroundings. Plus, if you do have a break-in at the home and the intruder escapes you can catch them on video. Most security cameras these days will require some sort of high speed wireless Internet connection, so if you have a home in an area that doesn’t have high speed Internet you may want to look at other devices like a photo sensor, which will take photos based on a motion activated trigger.

4. Home Automation Devices

Combined with online & remote access home automation devices can bea great fit for a vacation home. The best security system companies will offer some sort of wireless home automation devices such as lighting module, electronic door locks, or thermostats. With online access you can control these devices or change their settings no matter where you are. You can have lights turn on at night so it appears as if someone is home, or you can manage the temperature in the house during different times of year with an automatic thermostat. Home automation devices can help you save on energy bills when you’re at the home and allow you to control things while you’re not around.

5. Cellular Security System Monitoring

Having cellular monitoring is a great benefit of the best security systems. These days most areas have some sort of cellular coverage, even in more remote areas. If your vacation home does have cellular signal you can use cellular monitoring, which is not only the most reliable security system monitoring but won’t require youto pay for a phone line at the house.

These are the primary things you should look for when shopping for the best security systems for your vacation home. Security system companies such as FrontPoint Security, LifeShield, and Protect America all have security systems that fit this criteria.

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