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Best Security System Companies Overview


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Today we’re going to talk about some of the best security system companies and give you a general overview of each company. Of course, our security system reviews are the best source to learn more about each of the best security system companies, but this should give you a good idea of which ones to look into further. If one jumps out at you, don’t hesitate to give them a call!

Best Security System Companies: FrontPoint Security

FrontPoint is one of the best security system companies out there today and is featured in the #1 slot here on Security System Reviews. FrontPoint provides a 100% wireless and 100% cellular security system that can easily be installed by the homeowner. FrontPoint also offers online/remote access to your system with low up-front costs and some of the best monthly monitoring pricing around. FrontPoint serves customers nationwide and is based out of McLean, VA.

Best Security System Companies: LifeShield Security

LifeShield, formerly known as InGrid, is another of the best security system companies operating today. With a home base in Pennsylvania LifeShield recently joined with Protection One to bring some of the best wireless security systems to a larger customer base. LifeShield offers 100% wireless security systems and has a number of monitoring options. Up-front costs are low and a number of additional features such as online access and camera viewing are available. LifeShield offers doit yourself security system installation or can arrange for a technician to come out for an extra charge.

Best Security System Companies: ADT

ADT is the granddaddy of home security systems. ADT has been around for what seems like forever, and they are the largest security company in the nation. ADT offers a number of different types of security systems with a range or pricing through their Authorized Dealer program. Authorized ADT Dealers throughout North America provide customers with many levels of security at reasonable prices.

Best Security System Companies: Protect America

Protect America is based in Texas and provides service to customers nationwide. They offer a 100% wireless GE security system with a few different monitoring options including phone line and cellular monitoring. Up-front costs tend to be low, while monthly monitoring costs may be a bit higher than other competitors. Protect America’s systems can easily be installed by the homeowner as well.

Best Security System Companies: Vivint

Vivint is based in Utah and is known more for its home automation systems than its security systems, although they excel in both areas. Vivint uses the 2Gig Go!Control wireless security system, which has been hailed as one of the best security systems out there today. Vivint is the perfect choice for combining full fledged home automation, energy efficiency, and home security into one.

These are some of the best security system companies out there today. To learn more about each company be sure to visit our security system reviews page and continue to follow our security system blog.

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