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Attached Garages Shown to Be a Vulnerable Security Point in Many Homes


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A home with an attached garage is highly coveted by those who own them, but what many homeowners do not realize is that the garage is one of the most vulnerable points on their property when it comes to . An attached garage, while attractive and convenient, is also a draw for thieves. In many cases, garage doors are not fitted with the same kind of locks or other security that most homeowners have on the main entrances of the home, making them a vulnerable point of access to not only the vehicles and other valuables in the garage but to the inside of the house as well.

A lot of homeowners don’t realize the amount of valuables that are stored away in their garage until everything is gone. Most items found in a typical garage can be big bucks for burglars, and very expensive for the homeowner to replace,” says Kevin Raposo, a long-time security blogger.

These items are not limited to vehicles: other items that are often stolen are bicycles, children’s toys, gardening implements, and expensive chemicals for the pool. To keep these things from being stolen, there are several precautions that every homeowner can take.

Many burglaries that occur are planned in advance by thieves who scout neighborhoods and look for homes that appear vulnerable. Homeowners should always make sure that their garage doors are closed and that their valuables are never visible. Having the garage door open can also alert a passing thief that there is a way into the main house. The main door should always remain closed when it is not in use. Homeowners should also consider the age of the door and whether or not it has locking capabilities. If they cannot lock it, they should either install a deadbolt or have a professional garage door company put in a lock. This not only protects the contents of the garage, but those in the house as well.

Even if an attached garage has a locking mechanism, homeowners should never leave their keys in the car. Not only can this result in a stolen car if a garage window is left open, but because most people have the majority of their keys on one ring, a stolen set of keys means that the individual can gain access to virtually every entrance in the home – and will cost the homeowner hundreds of dollars in changed locks. With burglaries of this kind on the rise, homeowners need to make sure that every step is taken to secure their attached garage.

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