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aptiQmobile Users Can Now Unlock Their Doors with Their Smartphones


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People who are always concerned about their safety do everything it takes to avoid and eliminate security threats, at home and at the office. They install sophisticated and invest in an effective access control system for their indoor spaces to prevent unauthorized entry and discourage perpetrators.

Over the past few years, access control systems have evolved a great deal. Relying on cutting-edge technology, their manufacturershave come up with different methods of replacing the ID cards or the common set of keys. Biometric authentication has always been an option worth considering; however, most clients are still intimidated by the complexity and the heavy price tags of fingerprint readers and iris scanners – and quite reluctant when it comes to installing such an advanced security solution on their property.

For those who are still looking for a reliable substitute for their outdated lock-and-key mechanism, Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies has some good news. The company has recently announced that its clever product, aptiQmobile is now widely available and can be purchased by all people who want to stay safe at all times in their own environments, without having to worry about burglary attempts and data theft. You might ask: What’s so special about aptiQmobile? This revolutionary product enables users to open doors with their smartphones. While relying on aptiQmobile, they will never have to worry about losing or misplacing their keys of ID cards ever again.

So what’s wrong with the standard access control systems? Recent studies indicate that no less than 70% of all ID cards are magnetic stripe cards that can get cloned in a matter of a few hours after falling into the wrong hands.

aptiQmobile™ offers a much higher level of security, based on encrypted smart card technology. It can’t be easily cloned like proximity or mag stripe cards and offers additional security features that any traditional card simply cannot (like password protection). Pair that security with all the convenience of a cellphone and you have a clearly superior solution. Let’s say someone picks up a lost ID card. They have a name, picture, and university logo printed right on the front…any of which could easily be used to track down where to use the card for mischief (like entering residence halls or draining account balances),” explain company representatives on their official website.

If you were to lose your phone or if it were to get stolen, its lock screen feature would protect your credentials, which are stored in the same place where all your sensitive data and your app passwords are kept. In a few words, aptiQmobile represents a smart, cost-effective, reliable and convenient security solution. In fact, it could be the perfect alternative for universities spending approximately $19.40 on very single plastic ID card on an annual basis. aptiQmobile would help them reduce costs while making the most of modern technology. This clever solution could also be implemented on residential and commercial properties, allowing people to attain peace of mind, knowing that the uninvited guests have minimal chances of getting inside their buildings.

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