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Alarm Systems Do Not Protect One Hundred Percent: Prevention is Key


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are becoming more popular with homeowners today, but recent studies show that even with these systems in place, homeowners are ignoring other safety precautions that might otherwise keep their homes from being broken into. By being more aware of the surroundings of one’s home and practicing neighborhood crime prevention, homeowners can improve notonly the security of their own property, but those of the people who live around them as well.

Gladys Mayes, who has worked as senior crime prevention specialist for a number of years in Atlanta, says that preventing crime in the neighborhood starts by being aware of your surroundings, even when performing the most simple of tasks, such as going to the mailbox.

The criminal is watching you, but you’re focused on your mail,” Gladys said. “You’re not looking around. That’s when people are taken advantage of. So always pay attention to your surroundings.”

Homeowners should also take care to notice who is nearby when getting in and out of their cars at night, especially if they use a garage. Some thieves take careful note of people coming and going, learning their daily routine to make it easier to either gain access to their homes or attack them as they get in and out of their cars.

Many people believe that crime prevention begins and ends with having a in place, but in many cases, it is the vigilance of the neighborhood in general that will often stop crime. When neighbors look out for each other’s homes and create neighborhood watch programs, thieves and other suspicious people are more likely to be noticed.

Mayes notes that “It doesn’t matter how many devices you use, [. . .] The greatest deterrent to crime is people. That’s people banding together and watching out for each other.”

While having a security system in place will help to secure a home, in many cases, the homeowner is so confident in its abilities that he or she will often forget that they are not infallible. In order to make sure that a home remains safe, the system should be checked periodically to make sure that it is in good working order. If any batteries are used, they should be replaced at least every six months, depending on the system’s usage and guidelines. When homeowners combine the vigilance of their neighbors with a good , their homes and the neighborhood itself will become the safest they can be.

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