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ADT’s Recent Polls Show That Home Security Concerns Are Low Among American Households


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open windowWhile sales for are consistently on the rise, a recent poll released by ADT about how homeowners use their systems and their safety practices overall shows that many individuals are either ignorant of home security practices or are careless in using their equipment. Of those families that were polled, over 75 percent believed that their homes were quite safe and felt secure in their security practices. However, this poll also showed that many Americans are lax in this area, putting their homes and families at risk of burglary and even injury.

ADT asserts that “one-third of those polled who own a security system keep it turned on at all times, and only 6 in 10 own carbon monoxide detectors. The survey also found that 29 percent of those polled own a security and automation system.”

These numbers are troubling, not only because neglecting to turn on a puts a home at risk, but also because these homeowners may not realize the money they are wasting each month. Depending on which system they are using, homeowners may be wasting hundreds of dollars each month in monitoring fees when they are not making use of their security systems. This is especially true when they pay extra money for mobile usage or other services. In addition, carbon monoxide is almost impossible to detect without a monitor and can kill quickly, so homeowners should think twice before going without one.

There are also several other security errors that many homeowners make, and the most common one is to leave their doors and windows unlocked when they run errands or leave the home for a short amount of time. They usually do this because they believe that their neighbors will watch the home and alert the authorities in case something goes wrong. However, they should never make this assumption unless they have specifically spoken with their neighbors and have made arrangements with them in regard to keeping an eye on things. An occasional peek out the window is no replacement for a dedicated alarm system or a secure deadbolt. When people leave their homes, even if they know the neighborsare watching, they should double-check that their doors are locked and that the home is secure. A false sense of security can lead to a loss of property, property damage, and even tragedy unless American homeowners become more aware of .

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