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Adding Carbon Monoxide Detection to Home Security Systems Saves Lives, Data Suggests


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Carbon mononxide detectorMost homeowners add a to their homes in order to keep their property and family safe from intruders and burglary, but recent statistics suggest that most of these alarm systems have helped save lives by detecting other potentially fatal events in the home, such as fire and the presence of carbon monoxide. Because it is impossible to detect high levels of carbon monoxide in the home until it is too late, adding carbon monoxide monitoring to monthly home monitoring could potentially avoid a tragedy for any family.

According to the website, “Carbon monoxide leaks are very possible and can be deadly when they occur.Having a monitored CO alarm gives you the assurance of an extra measure of safety. You know that the system is monitored and if anything goes wrong, help will be on the way. Adding this functionality to your is easy and affordable. That’s why more homeowners are taking this step to keep their household safer.”

Many homeowners don’t have this monitoring included in their homes because they do not believe that a leak could occur in their homes. However, unlike a fire, carbon monoxide cannot be instantly detected by sight or smell, and family members can fall unconscious and die in a very short amount of time. In many ways, it can be more deadly than a fire or home invasion.

Carbon monoxide monitoring is also affordable and can usually be added to any existing monitoring program for only a few extra dollars, protection that iswell worth it. Homeowners who lease their can save even more money because adding rented detectors to a system that is already in place will prevent having to pay any initial installation costs when compared to having a singular system put in.

While homeowners could potentially save money by installing a simple carbon monoxide detector, these systems only detect the odorless gas and do not alert the authorities. In a case where family members are overtaken by the carbon monoxide before they are aware of its presence, by the time they are discovered, it may be too late. Monitoring systems automatically alert the police or fire company when the alarm is triggered, which means help will be summoned without someone having to call 911. Overall, having an automated carbon monoxide detection system can potentially save lives.

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