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A Home Security Solution Based on Multiple Deterrents Can Help You Protect Your Home on a Budget


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People invest a significant amount of money in home improvement projects to add value to their property, but how many of them are actually willing to pay the right price for complex home security systems and other features designed to intimidate burglars? Law enforcement representatives indicate that in most cases, simple, cost-effective security solutions based on multiple deterrents could be just as effective as sophisticated, expensive security systems equipment.

Lieutenant Chris Hsiung from the Mountain View Police Department reveals that simple changes, like installing deadbolts, locking all your doors and windows, forming or joining a neighborhood watch group, keeping your pathway and doorway properly illuminated and cost-effective security cameras installed in your outdoor areas can get you a long way, enabling you to avoid a wide range of safety risks and live a peaceful life, without constantly looking over your shoulder.

“Burglars do not want toconfront anybody. At the first sign of occupancy, they’re gone. They just want to grab property and sell it. The criminals know that when someone is in the house, it changes the crime classification,”

stated Hsiung. Leave your lights on in one or two rooms every single time you leave the house for a few hours at night. Of course, this simple measure of precaution might not discourage the experienced, tenacious perpetrators.

In this case, Hsiung advises homeowners to opt for a simple security solution, based on beneficial, cost-efficient burglar repellents, including security cameras for outdoor areas, an inexpensive DIY security system, trimmed thorny bushes placed near your windows, sturdy doors made from highly resistant wood or quality metal and deadbolt locks. While some ofthese elements can’t stop burglars from attaining their malicious goals, they can delay their actions and give owners or neighbors the chance to detect the burglary attempt and contact law enforcement representatives as soon as possible.

Numerous security-conscious owners who are tempted to invest in an alarm security system question its actual effectiveness. Does it really represent a smart investment in the long term? According to Hsiung, the mere presence of alarm security system equipment can deter villains who are looking for easy targets in a certain neighborhood.

“The very presence of the system is a deterrent, and with any loud noise, in most cases, folks who like to do harm will not take that risk,”

concluded Hsiung.

If you’re interested in implementing a reliable alarm system on your property, you should know that the installation could cost you up to $500 and that monitoring fees range from 43 dollars to 58 dollars, according to a recent article published by The Seattle Times.

The truth is that a simple, complete security solution based on various deterrents will never burn deep holes in your pockets and will keep you out of harm’s way for the longest period of time, compelling perpetrators to start looking for easier targets.

Tim Eveler

Author & Public Relations – Tim has been working in sales for the home security system industry over twelve years. He’s held positions at large home security companies and in charge of working with the team to create our security system reviews.

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