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3 Myths About Home Security Systems


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Home security systems have been around for a while now (well over 50 years). With every service that has aged, myths come about and are sometimes hard to escape. We wanted to discuss some of these that are giving home security systems a bad reputation. We obviously think that alarm systems are a fantastic investment in your home’s security. But unfortunately the myths that travel with getting a security system, can sometimes persuade you from making an uneducated decision. So right now we are going to discuss some of the most common myths that you will hear about a security system.

Myth 1: Security systems are too expensive. No No NO NO! This is one of those out there that is just plain wrong. There are so many high quality security systems on the market that security companies have HAD to lower the prices. They just cant be competitive in the market with a expensive product. We reviews some of the best security systems on the market and some of them even scratch the cost of all the supplies. Others are DIY security systems, meaning that you ca install it yourself and save on the professional installation cost (or take off of work!).

Myth 2: You need a phone line. With the widespread use of cell phones now, many people have decided to cute their home phone lines completely. Up until about 10 years ago, most security systems used the phone lines to contact the company base to alert of a problem. As such, many thieves decided to just cut the phone line all together, rendering your security system useless. Nowadays, most top notch home security systems use cellular technology to alert the company of an intruder or problem. These lines are great because it means that your home will be protected 24/7. The cellular security system is always online and ready to protect your home.

Myth 3: They’re convoluted and hard to use. We’re not crazy about this myth because it’s simply not true. Companies have realized that there are plenty of people out there capable of installing their own security systems. Give some simple instructions and an hour… viola! Your average joe has installed a DIY security system in their own home. There is nothing hard about it. In addition, all of the security systems that we have reviewed here offer some excellent customer service. You just need to give them a shout and they will be willing o help you with whatever problem you can;t figure out.

I hope we have cleared up some of these myths and you strongly consider investing in your home’s security and future.

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