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Wireless Security Systems vs. Hard Wired Security Systems


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Hard Wired Security System Installation

Ah, Monday. There is no other day like it. It starts the week fresh, and has very little competition among other days of the week as far as its importance and stigma. Speaking of competition, today we’re going to take a look at two competing types of home security systems. Wireless security systems vs. hard wired security systems. Who is going to come out on top? Let’s find out.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless security systems are much newer to home security than the hard wired security system. However, that doesn’t mean they are more expensive or need replacing every other year. Wireless security systems are now some of the most durable and reliable security systems on the market. A wireless security system is one that, you guessed it, doesn’t have wires. The sensors communicate using a proprietary wireless frequency instead of wires. This also makes installation a snap.

Wireless security systems are often do it yourself security systems as well. In short, wireless security systems are extremely easy to install. Most require simple peel and place set up of the alarm sensors while simply plugging in your main Control Panel. Wireless security systems can use any monitoring method including cellular monitoring, phone line monitoring or broadband monitoring. Most wireless security systems take less than an hour to install and activate. This is a huge plus for those with limited free time.

Another perk of the wireless security system is that you can take it with you if you move to a new residence. Simply take down your wireless equipment, move it to your new home and re-install. Not an easy task with a hard wired security system.

Overall, wireless security systems are cost effective, easy to install and easy to maintain. All the things you want in a home security system.

Hard Wired Security Systems

Hard wired security systems are effectively the “original” home security system. While wireless security systems have stolen a lot of the thunder the hard wired security system is still very common. A hard wired security system works by wiring all of the security sensors together and running the wires to the main Control Panel. The sensors use the wires to communicate alarm signals to the Control Panel.

The installation for a hard wired security system is much more in depth than that of a wireless security system. A hard wired security system installation can take anywhere from a couple hours to all day depending on the size of your home and number of sensors you are having installed. A hard wired security system also requires that someone other than you install it. At least in most cases. If you’re a trained security system technician then go right ahead! Having a technician come out to install can add to the up-front security costs, where you might not have to pay anything with a wireless security system.

Overall, hard wired security systems are still a solid choice for any home security system installation. However, going this tried and true method could cost you a bit more and could take a little more time for installation.

Who’s The Winner?

We won’t say it’s a longshot, because it’s not, but we feel that wireless security systems come out on top when compared to hard wired security systems. This is mainly due to the up-front cost of set up and installation as well as installation time. Time and money are some of the most important things in life, and it’s best when you can save a little bit of each. Wireless security systems certainly allow you to accomplish this feat. And for that we say YES! to the wireless home security system.

You can learn more about wireless security systems and hard wired security systems and the security system companies that are offering both by visiting our security system reviews.

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