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Why Wireless Security Systems Are The Best Security Systems


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Wireless security systems have become the most popular type of security system for homeowners nationwide. The days when a technician had to come out to your home, run wires all through your home and spend all day installing are over. Unless of course you don’t like things that are simpler! Today we’ll explore what makes wireless security systems the best security system choice for your home.

Wireless Security Systems Are Simple To Install

When it comes to installation wireless security systems take the cake in terms of ease and length of time. Most wireless security systems are also do it yourself security systems, meaning they can easily be installed by you the homeowner. Most wireless security system installations take under one hour to install and activate, meaning you won’t have to sit around your home all day while waiting for a technician to install your security system.

Wireless Security Systems Are More Reliable

This may seem counterintuitive but it’s the truth. Hard wired security systems rely on a series of wires which may include your phone line. Wires can easily be cut by an intruder with a pair of wire cutters or even scissors. This does not seem like the safest method for a security system does it? Wireless security systems use a proprietary wireless frequency to send signals between sensors and the Control Panel as opposed to a wire. Also, many wireless security systems use built in cellular devices to communicate alarms to the monitoring station. In the end a wireless security system is alot more reliable than a hard wired system and cannot be easily defeated.

Wireless Security Systems Are More Affordable

While security system pricing may differ based on the size of system you purchase and any add-ons you may get wireless security systems are almost always more affordable in the short term and the long term. Some security system companies won’t even charge you up-front for equipment if you choose a monitoring contract. Other security system companies have systems for as little as $99 up-front. As for down the road, wireless security systems require very little maintenance and sensors will often last 5-10 years. This can save you a lot in repairs, and better yet, you won’t have to worry about wires corroding or going bad over the years. That can be a real hassle not only to you but your pocket book.

Wireless Security Systems Have The Newest Technology

While you have probably noticed that everything is “going wireless” over the years you may not have noticed that technology has progressed along those items. Wireless security systems offer some of the newest technology when it comes to securing and automating your home. This may include security system equipment like an Image Sensor that takes pictures of objects when there is movement, or home lighting or thermostat controls. While some hard wired security systems also incorporate newer technology it is much easier to integrate or add things later with a wireless security system. Have your home secured but want to add home automation? No problem. It’s a snap with wireless security systems.

Overall, we at Security System Reviews believe that wireless security systems are the best security systems. The reasons above simply scratcht the surface as to why a wireless security system is best. However, the only way you can really know is to try one! Many security system companies offer a “trial period” or a money back guarantee. You can try out a new wireless security system with no risk. If you don’t like it you can simply return it for a refund and find a system that suits your needs, although we believe you’ll be perfectly happy and satisfied with your decision to go with a wireless security system.

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